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School Information

Stilson Elementary School
15569 Hwy. 119
Brooklet, GA 30415 
Phone: 842-8480 
Principal: Mrs. Tanita McDowell

School Parent Compact 2018-2019

This Title I School - Parent Compact is designed to encourage students, parents/guardians and SES staff to work together to meet
student-specific and school-wide academic goals.

Teacher Responsibilities
  • Send home weekly newsletters that share topics of study and tips and videos that may help with the skills being taught.
  • Offer a ELA/Curriculum night to highlight learning concepts and provide examples of ways to help with these at home.
  • Share the GELDS website and provide other resources such as the Pre-K lending library and leveled readers to keep parents informed and promote literacy.
Family Responsibilities
  • Read monthly newsletters and make sure your child understands the material and uses the study tips and videos provided.
  • Attend English language arts/Curriculum with your child to learn the concepts that your child is studying and to enhance learning in English language arts night.
  • Use the resources provided online and onsite to obtain information.
  • Check-out books to read with your child. Allow your child to ask questions.
Student Responsibilities
  • Share weekly newsletters with parents and follow concepts.
  • Use resources both online and onsite for practice and extra reading.  Ask questions when needed.
  • Bring home notices for English language arts and Curriculum night and attend with parents.
Family Engagement Specialist

Family Engagement Specialist
Leslie Andujar
Family Engagement Specialist   


FY18 District Goals: Increase graduation rates by 3% by 2020, Increase number of students reading on grade level by 3% by 2020
SES 2018- 2019 SMART Goal: We will increase the overall weighted content mastery percentage in ELA on the GMAS from 59.88% in 2018
to 66.88% in 2019 to 73.88% in 2020 to 80.88 in 2021.