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Stilson Elementary School will be open for learning this week despite a water outage; however, parents may choose to keep their child at home and engage in distance learning. The school, whose water is supplied by a well, experienced a busted reservoir tank over the weekend. 


While every effort is being made to make repairs, the school district cannot guarantee a date when repairs will be complete. This means the school could be without running water the entire week. All schools, including Stilson, have contingency plans in place to allow for schools to remain open during utility outages, but administrators want parents to be fully aware of the issue and make the best decision for their family.


These health and safety protocols are already in place to minimize the effects of this disruption:

• Bulloch County fire personnel have been alerted.

• Statesboro/Bulloch County Parks & Recreation Department’s Aftercare Services has been alerted.

• School meal service will not be affected; however some menu items may change. 

• A water truck will be stationed at the school to supply water for sanitation and restrooms.

• The schools have bottled water for drinking and food preparation.

• Students may bring bottled water or clear water bottles from home.

• Water will be available for hand washing and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the school.


For families who choose for their child to remain home and temporarily engage in distance learning next week instead of coming to school, Stilson will send an email and text survey message Sunday evening so parents can notify the school that their child will be a temporary distance learner. If the email or text message is not received, parents may contact the school Monday morning. 


If needed parents may come to Stilson on Monday, December 14, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon to check out a Chromebook. If home Internet access is not available, printed packets may also be picked up at the school’s main entrance on Monday, December 14, after 2:45 p.m.


School and district administrators appreciate the cooperation of students and parents during this unforeseen utility outage. Educators are committed to ensure learning continues.

Posted 12/13/20