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Welcome back to SES!  Here is a supply list for the upcoming school year.

Posted 7/15/19

Georgia Power is experiencing a power outage in the Stilson area today, Jan. 15, which is affecting Stilson Elementary School’s power, water, phone and Internet service. We will continue school on a normal schedule.  


We have activated our safety protocols and alternate operations to keep school running as smooth as possible.  We appreciate the cooperation and can do attitude of all our faculty, staff and students. 


1.  We have phone service via a landline phone and the principal’s district cell phone.  Our main line will be temporarily forwarded to 912.823.9057 for all incoming and outgoing calls.

2.  Lunch was prepared prior to the outage, so all children had lunch as normal.

3.  The district has provided a water truck to allow us to operate our restrooms.

4.  The district has provided bottled water for drinking. 


5. The Statesboro-Bulloch County Recreation Department has been notified, and they will provide afterschool care services as normal.


Again, thank you for your cooperation and patience as we wait for power to be restored

Posted 1/15/19